Syrup Separator


Valcraft Make “FLOMAX” Syrup Separator finds its application in separating heavy and light sugar syrup coming out of the process. The gutter is so designed to allow the syrup to flow smoothly to two pneumatic actuated Valves mounted at the end of the gutter. The valves are actuated one after the other hence making it easy to separate the heavy and light sugar syrup. Syrup Separator are available in SS and MS construction & can be made available in range of sizes 150mm, 200mm, 250mm & 300mm.

Syrup Separator

Size Range 25 – 350mm
Temperature Range: -52 to 260 Degrees
Pressure Rating PN6, PN10, PN16, PN24, ASME Class 150
Shutoff Rating Zero Leakage
Body Style Split Body Wafer Design.
Flange Drilling BS Table 10D, IS 6392, IS 1538, ANSI 16.5B.
Body Material Graded CI.
Stem Material Stainless Steel.
Seat Material EPDM (120 Degrees), Silicon (180 Degrees), PTFE (220 Degrees), High Grade Silicon (260 Degrees), PEEK (320 Degrees).
Disc Material CI, WCB, CA15, CF8, and CF8M
Coating Epoxy & Nylon Coating / Rubber and Teflon lining.
Design Standard BS5155/API609/AWWA C504/MSS SP67/IS 13095 as well as per other standards can also be supplied.
Testing Standard API 598
Actuation Hand wheel, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electric.

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