Sugar Industries

Valves are used in Sugar Industries to control, direct and stop the flow of liquids.

Valves are largely used in sugar industries for controlling the flow of the juice and water and for regulating the steam pressure in the boiler. The Valves used in sugar cane industries must be Metallic, Corrosion-free and wear-resistant, which are approved by international standards.

Valcraft Engineers’ Flomax Valves for Sugar Industries has ingenious valve designs with special significance on quality, simple in-line with bare minimum maintenance, safety, and most crucial long service life. All this, combined with the adoption of high-quality materials. Adherence to the advanced manufacturing technology, precise design criteria, and automation in all Manufacturing Stages, ensures the top-notch quality at a competitive price.


Sugar Industry


Established in 1989, Valcraft Engineers became famous for its Flomax butterfly valves, Flomax wafer check valves