Pharma Industries

Pharma industries are the major part of the more significant chemical processing industries, Valves used in these industries due to their ability to be cleaned and sterilized.

Chemical processing industries processes raw materials into products. The primary purpose of a valve is to control media flow through a system. Valves serve a range of purposes in the industrial, manufacturing, engineering and scientific communities. Choosing the right valve can determine the success or Breakdown of the system. Chemical processing generally contains reactions using pressure and/or heat, and could cause toxic by-products, the media in the pharma industry to be highly corrosive and abrasive. The valves in these industries need to be able to accept the nature of the media, as well as offer decisive flow control and high leakage protection to protect against spills and cross-contamination.

The Valcraft Engineers Flomax Valves for Parma Industries has ingenious valve designs with special significance on quality, simple in-line with bare minimum maintenance, safety, and most crucial long service life. All this, combined with the adoption of high-quality materials. Adherence to the advanced manufacturing technology, precise design criteria, and automation in all Manufacturing Stages, ensures the top-notch quality at a competitive price.

Pharma Industries


Established in 1989, Valcraft Engineers became famous for its Flomax butterfly valves, Flomax wafer check valves