Iron & Steel Industry

Valcraft Engineers valves provide high-quality valves and solutions for many steel industries.

Even if you are working with slurry or dust and dry bulk, our product is the right choice and will get the job done in the right way.

Iron and steel manufacturing can be divided into two important parts. Ironmaking is the strong user of large numbered valves, Both Unique types and large; Iron is processed in the blast furnace where iron ore, coke and other additives are cooked at 2800oF until molten iron is created. The blast furnace has a larger diameter, Low-Pressure hot-gas lines that flow from the gas stoves through blowing engine and into the blast furnace hearth. These pipes include a variety of valves. Blast furnace also requires variety of steam and water lines. And these lines also include a variety of valves.

The pneumatic steelmaking process, also called the basic oxygen process, uses a mixture of scrap, molten iron, pure oxygen and additives to cook the steel. The most demanding part of the process in regards to valves and piping are the valves used in oxygen service. These valves must be specially cleaned up to remove all elements of grease and oil before they can be used in the pure oxygen line.

The Valcraft Engineers Flomax Valves for Iron and Steel Industries has ingenious valve designs with special significance on quality, simple in-line with bare minimum maintenance, safety, and most crucial long service life. All this, combined with the adoption of high-quality materials. Adherence to the advanced manufacturing technology, precise design criteria, and automation in all Manufacturing Stages, ensures the top-notch quality at a competitive price.



Established in 1989, Valcraft Engineers became famous for its Flomax butterfly valves, Flomax wafer check valves