Flanged Fabricated Ecentric Butterfly valves


Ideally suitable for throttling regulating. On/ Off service for practically all mediums of flow: Drinking water, Salt water, Chemically treated water treatment plants, Gases and vapors, Compressed Air, Dust like products, Liquids containing suspected solids, Foods, Edible Oils, Milk and Food Products, Aggressive Chemicals, Acids and Bases, Crude Oil and Petrochemical Products, Refineries, Fertilizers and Ash Handling.


Hand Lever for ON/OFF, Notch Disc with Lever for throttling, Worms Gears, Pneumatic actuators both rotary, linear, single, double acting with manual overide and electric Actuators. Complete system with Solonied Valves, Limit Switch, Positioners with Control panel can be tailor made.

Butterfly Valves

Size Range 550 to 1800mm
Temperature Range: -52 to 260 Degrees
Pressure Rating PN6
Shutoff Rating Zero Leakage
Body Style Fabricated Double Flanged.
Flange Drilling BS Table 10D, IS 6392, IS 1538, ANSI 16.5B..
Body Material MS Fabricated.
Stem Material Stainless Steel.
Seat Material EPDM (120 Degrees), Silicon (180 Degrees), PTFE (220 Degrees), High Grade Silicon (260 Degrees), PEEK (320 Degrees).
Disc Material CI, MS, CA15, CF8, and CF8M.
Fasteners Stainless Steel
Disc Material CI, WCB, CA15, CF8, and CF8M. Two Piece investment cast for sizes from 550 to 1800mm, centrically located to withstand and cope great strain and increased torque.
Bearings Two lubricated bearings at the top & bottom ensures low operating torque, making the valves completely maintainance free. A polyacerial Bush with two “O” rings acts as secondary sealing & bearing, thus further easening opening & closing of valves.
Coating Epoxy & Nylon Coating.
Design Standard BS5155/API609/AWWA C504/MSS SP67/IS 13095 as well as per other standards can also be supplied.
Testing Standard API 598

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