Pharma Industries

Pharma industries are the major part of the more significant chemical processing industries, Valves used in these industries due to their ability to be cleaned and sterilized. Chemical processing industries processes raw materials into products. The primary purpose of a valve is to control media flow through a system. Valves serve a range of purposes […]
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The production of fertilizers is primarily based on the balling of the crushed, moistened, and heated primary components such as ammophos, ammonium sulphate, potassium chloride The valve challenges in this industry for the production of ammonia and urea are the corrosive medium and crystallization in combination with high pressure. Valves used in this market should […]
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Pipelines are an essential aspect of many industries. Pipelines can be hundreds of thousands of kilometres that transport media from its source to the destination, i.e. its final product. Valves are used to optimize the pipeline operations and can be found in the upstream, midstream and downstream section of the piping. The most prominent factor […]
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Nuclear Plants

Nuclear power plants operate on the steam or high-speed turbine principle. In nuclear power, plant steam is generated by heat from the fission process. Nuclear valves are manufactured to exceptionally high standards. The Valcraft Engineers Flomax Valves for Nuclear Power Plants has ingenious valve designs with special significance on quality, simple in-line with bare minimum […]
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Water & Wastewater Treatment

Water distribution pressure is almost low, and temperature ambient. The ambient temperature allows the use of elastomers and rubber seals. These materials allow valves to be equipped tightly, which seals off drips. Cast and ductile iron materials are used extensively in the water system. The pressure in waterworks is below 200 psi. Higher pressure water […]
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