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Sugar Industries

Valves are used in Sugar Industries to control, direct and stop the flow of liquids. Valves are largely used in sugar industries for controlling the flow of the juice and water and for regulating the steam pressure in the boiler. The Valves used in sugar cane industries must be Metallic, Corrosion-free and wear-resistant, which are […]
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Iron & Steel Industry

Valcraft Engineers valves provide high-quality valves and solutions for many steel industries. Even if you are working with slurry or dust and dry bulk, our product is the right choice and will get the job done in the right way. Iron and steel manufacturing can be divided into two important parts. Ironmaking is the strong […]
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Mining Industry is a conventional user of slurry, RF pinch and tailing handling valves due to its highly abrasive nature of metal concentrates. . Mining is an area where critical valves failures can create expensive shutdowns. Valcraft Engineers understands the importance of reliability, and more importantly, zero leakage. Valve leakage will soon cause dewatering of […]
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Cement Industries

Nowadays, concrete is an essential product as every structure or building nowadays is built of concrete. The production of cement undergoes many processes till it turns into powder form. Cement manufacturers are faced by several challenges in terms of selection of valves for cement, especially in operations in the slurry line. This industry requires valves […]
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Pulp & Paper Industries

Pulp and Paper industries are not extensively used nowadays, but the products are still in demand and valves are extensively used in these industries. Valve material selection in this industry is very critical due to conditions in the paper mill can be very harsh because of the corrosive nature of various processes these industries typically […]
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Food & Beverages Industry

The food and beverage industry is an extensive and growing industry with a rising need for parts and products that keep plants running seamlessly. This industry has many challenges, including safety concerns, which has compelled strict material demand for the valves used. Valves in this industry do not face the high pressures or highly corrosive […]
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Thermal Power Industries

As the demand for power is increasing the need to find better, renewable and less harmful resources to generate electricity is increasing. Hence process equipment that can increase power generation efficiently and maximize power performance is much needed. Power Generations depends heavily on valves. Small as these valves may be crucial to the power plant. […]
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Chemical Processing Industries

The Chemical Industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in developed and emerging countries. The Chemical Industry is one of the largest manufacturing industries in developed and emerging countries. The most significant feature of valves used in this industry is its ability to be cleaned and sterilized. This industry is responsible for processing raw […]
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Oil and Gas industry

Oil and Gas Industry has always been in demand. This industry is a subset of the pipelines category. Due to its high demand, deeper wells, longer pipelines, and lower production cost have become necessary. With the need for a competitive price valve, the valve must also be durable, perform better to meet the demands of […]
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The demand for Petrochemicals globally continues to accelerate due to the increase in consumption of derivative chemicals, plastics and polymers. Demand for products such as polyethylene and polypropylene has increased rapidly and will continue to increase. Valcraft Engineers brings cost-effective, high performance and safety valves to our customers which are very much effective and efficient […]
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