Goggle valves


Simplified design, ruggedly and dependably built, easy to operate and economical to maintain – are the principal advantages of the Kinney Swing Goggle Valve. The valve will render an absolute tight shut-off in blast furnace, basic oxygen, open hearth or other gas mains. It is designed for vertical operation in a horizontal main – with rollers and other adaptation’s provided for horizontal operation in a vertical main.

When in the closed position, a definite separation on each side of the goggle plate is assured – to prevent leakage of gas from one side of the goggle plate to the other. Should leakage occur between the goggle plate and the clamping or stationary frames (due to improper clamping, for example), leakage will be admitted to the atmosphere and not around the goggle plate to the depressurized side of the valve.

Goggle Valves

Technical Performance
Size Range 200 -1400mm.
Temperature Range -20 to 300 Degrees.
Pressure rating PN6, PN10.
Shutoff Rating Zero Leakage.
Body Style MS Fabricated
Flange Drilling BS Table 10D, IS 6392, IS 1538, ANSI 16.5B.
Body Material MS Fab / CI.
Spindle Material CA15
Seat Material EPDM, Silicon, High Temperature Silicon.
Gate material MS, CA15, CF8, CF8 M.
Coating Epoxy & Nylon Coating
Design Standard BS5155/API609/AWWA C504/MSS SP67/IS 13095 as well as per other standards can also be supplied.
Testing Standard API 598.
Actuatuion Hand wheel, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Electric.

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